You know the value of matching the right casters to your specific industrial kitchen appliances. Whether it’s heavy-duty appliances, ranges, fryers, refrigeration units or worktables and transportation carts, having the proper caster designed for high temperatures, sterile conditions, and weight loads is of vital importance.

Caster Technology offers an extensive line of industrial kitchen equipment casters that is guaranteed to meet your requirements and provide the ideal ease of mobility and maintenance. Contact us today for any and all of your caster needs!
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“We will use Caster Technology with all of our production equipment and in future designs. When they say every caster, every need, every time they mean it. I highly recommend them for any business requiring casters and wheels.”
Rob, Leading Equipment Manufacturer
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Swivel 3.5x1.375 300lb Height 4.5in.


Swivel caster 3 inch diameter by1 inch wide wheel with 125 lb capacity and an over all height of 3.635 in.


Swivel 2.5x1.375 300lb Height 3.5in.
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Swivel 4x1.25 275lb Height 5.125in.
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